Beyond the Catacombs - Fatal Error CD

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Beyond the Catacombs - Fatal Error CD

Grind To Death Records
. Terminate The Process 00:00-04:00
2. Wired Nerves 04:00-07:33
3. Mindscraper 07:33-11:36
4. Lost In Cyberspace 11:36-15:11
5. Technomancer 15:12-19:20
6. Artificial Brain 19:21-23:00
7. Excessive Voltage 23:01-27:28
8. Corrupted Core 27:29-31:10
9. Systemn In Shock 31:11-38:41

The fusion of man and machine can seen as unholy combination. This idea was approached with equally atrocious combination of synths/electronics and brutal death metal.
Though some of the songs being just horror stories with cyborgs and renegade AIs, some of the material became surprisingly current/involved due to the digitalization of our world.
It's a topic that rises questions and we of course wanted to pic the most horrible ones. More putrid riffs, conflicting harmonies and some technical shredding combined with electric atmosphere.
We are not claiming to have created something new and fresh (borderline impossible and not the point), but damn it's hard to begin to describe our latest creation.
I have no idea what we did anymore, but I'm glad we did it."