LEPROSY - Death To This World Digi 2 CD

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LEPROSY - Death To This World Digi  2 CD
cryptorium Records LEPROSY was one of the early bands from southern Sweden along with thrash and death acts such as God B.C., Exile, Hyste´riah, Macabre and Obscurity. They formed in 1987 as Sadistic Pain but changed to LEPROSY just before the recording of their first demo Death To This World in 1988. Their demo gained a lot of attention and they even embarked on a small tour in Germany were they shared the stage with Pestilence, Protector and Sodom. In 1990 they recorded their second demo Full Of Hate. For various reasons the band broke up and the demo stayed unreleased until just a few years ago when their demos was compiled and released on vinyl and CD.